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Re: onomatopoetic animal sounds

From:Bjorn Kristinsson <bjornkri@...>
Date:Thursday, April 19, 2001, 2:11
Phew. Back from my easter vacation, my mailbox has filled up nicely :)


Oskar wrote:
> > Pig, Icelandic ?rýt rýta > > Nah, "rýt" is nothing; that's not the sound. We simply don't have > any sound > word for that.
Hmm... how about "hrín, hrína"? I like "rýta" more than "hrína" as the verb, but "hrín" is a tad better than "rýt", though I'm not sure if it's used alot. Pigs aren't something I talk about very frequently :)
> Icelandic pip pipa > > Add an accent: "píp, pípa". >
I have to admit I've don't remember ever hearing that... Must be a southern thing ;) I'd say "tíst, tísta" was a more generally used form. (?)
> Anyway, applause for nice work :)
*applause* Björn Kristinsson --- Common sense isn't.