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Family Project votes

From:Aidan Grey <frterminus@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 1, 2001, 4:50

   Here's the updated list (and this is the last time
I'll post it - after this, people will still be noted,
but I won't update Conlang about it.)

Amber   Adams
Daniel  Andreasson
Amanda  Babcock
Padraic Brown
Andrew  Chaney
Iain    Davis
Aidan   Grey
Elliott Lash
David   Peterson
Dan     Seriff
Paul    Sherrill
Andrew  Smith
David   Stokes
Tom     Thomas
Roger   Mills
Mario   Bonassin
Damon   Lord

   Now, as to votes. I'm still missing votes from 6
people, but even if they voted opposite everyone else,
which I think is unlikely, the majority would still be
for the following:

   A new list on yahoo
   IE level
   an alternate Earth

   With as many people as we have (yippee!) IE level
seems most appropriate, and this should be extremely
interesting! I'll supply the parent, and will also be
creating a daughter lang.

   Next to last question before I make the list and
get things going:

   Since the parent language isn't quite developed yet
(I've got _some_ stuff), I figure we should name the
new list for the planet. Any ideas?

   I thought we could call it Arda, to honor Tolkien,
who got many of us into this hobby.

   I've got more questions, but they can wait for the
list, except for one.

   I've got a gentleman who emailed me privately. He
doesn't really want to participate in the language
family thing, per se, but would like to place his
conlang there as sort of a later addition (new
colonists from the Federation, or something of the
sort). He thought he'd borrow a lot from our langs,
and that we might borrow from his as well. I don't
know much about what he plans or has in mind (I plan
to ask him) beyond he wants his own government. Are
the participants (and our observers Iain, Roger, and
David P.) okay with this, or would you all prefer to
keep the planet just to us?


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