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RELAY INSTRUCTIONS!!! was Re: new relay

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Thursday, May 31, 2001, 2:01
Here are the no frills relay instructions.

A) You will receive several things from the translator before
you. This should arrive as a text-only email; _no_ attachments.

        1. The text (ASCII for preference) in the conlang
        2. An interlinear that describes the functions of
        the words in the text (e.g., FNOGWUR 1s.pros.perf-a with
        a note explaining what all the abbreviations mean -
        in this case "first person prosecutory mood perfect
        form A; pros. mood is used when contradicting another's
        statement or when accusing another; perfect form A is
        the primary perfect - past tense completed action") The
        interlinear should ideally not provide any translation
        3. A glossary of the words used in the text, for
        preference with all native ranges of meaning (it
        would be too easy to only give a word = word sort
        of thing!) (e.g., FNOGERT, trans. vb., give court to,
        challenge to combat, argue with [but not against];
        -WUR, 1st pers. sing. termination used w/ perf. stems.)

B) You will prepare several things to send to the next person
in line. Do not worry, the Relay Master will sort out order
and publish a list of participants _in order_ and send it
privately to each participant when the Relay starts. If you
forget who to send your translation to, please contact the
Relay Master immediately.

        1. A translation into your conlang
        2. An interlinear similar to above
        3. A glossary similar to above
        4. A smooth English translation of _your_ conlang's
        5. (For preference, a word-for-word translation so
        we can get a feel for what you language sounds like
        to its native speakers)
        6. Try not to divulge too much information; but be
        prepared to help if your text is simply to hard for
        the next participant to translate within a reasonable

C) You will carefully send two emails upon completion of
your translation.

        1. Send your conlang text, glossary and interlinear
        ***ONLY*** to the next person in line
        2. Send your conlang text, glossary, interlinear and
        translation(s) to the Relay Master for webbification
        3. Be careful _not_ to send the English transation(s)
        to the next participant, as that would rather spoil
        the game for that participant. The whole point is to
        learn enough about another's conlang in order to make
        a translation into one's own conlang.
        4. Send NOTHING to Conlang, Conculture or any other
        interested list. Publish NOTHING to the web (yet).

Hope that covers it in a simple and noncontradictory fashion!!

If these look good, I'll keep them around for the next time.



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