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Re: first native text!

From:J. Barefoot <ataiyu@...>
Date:Thursday, July 29, 1999, 13:46
>From: FFlores <fflores@...> >Reply-To: Constructed Languages List <CONLANG@...> >To: Multiple recipients of list CONLANG <CONLANG@...> >Subject: Re: first native text! >Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 19:14:55 -0300 > >J. Barefoot <ataiyu@...> wrote: > > > On a long car trip last Sunday, I finally discovered the first connec=
> > _native_ text in Asiteya. It's a classical hymn, though the melody is=
>not > > forthcoming. Probably in a minor key. Anyway: > >Congratulations! Don't mind the melody. It's already difficult to >compose in English.
And thank you for all the kind comments.
> > > > -eseh iganu > > cloak the-sky.gen > > The sky's cloak, > > > > -yerad@ wa hoyanal om@ ikoas@ > > mist-COL TOP drape-MID on the-mountain-DIS > > mists [are] draped on every mountain, > >I love your middle voice. Actually I love middle voice. :) >I think I'm going to translate this if you don't mind, since >my own MV fits exactly there. >What is DIS? Oh, forget that, I just saw the abbrev table >below. Nice feature, distributive plural, did you come up >with it yourself? I'd never seen it before!
No. Actually, I lifted it from Boreneasian (it never get's spelled right,= =20 does it?) during the translation relay. I think lots of Native American=20 langs have it.
> > > > > -si wa ei xya > > you TOP much beauty > > You are so beautiful. > >This looks like _haiku_. How do you pronounce _xya_?
[Sya] S =3D alveo-palatal fricative, y =3D palatal semivowel, a =3D low m= id open=20 vowel
> > > > -kate aralu nao > > cloud distance.gen INS > > From a distant cloud, > >Is this Abstract_Noun.gen =3D Adjective the standard way to >form adjectives? Cool!
Yes it is.
> > > > > -baiya sa baiyanal om@ imoiya > > lightening AGT flashes-MID over the-sea > > Lightening flashes over the sea, > > > > -si wa ei xya > > You are so beautiful. > > > > -si wa ei xya > > -ikatek@ wa ihw@ isamnu > > the-cloud-PL TOP feather the-sun.gen > > The clouds are the sun's feathers > > > > -ta ais@ > > at dusk > >[snip] > > > > So what d'yall think? > >I like it. Oh yes. I'm gonna try a translation right now. >The word order and some metaphors will suffer, though... > > > Naines paol, > kafaktherg graiss=FCr fn=E1rarsel soimarth, > t=E0qgaser giad. > Lif nefars tumbas > suek rros i sl=E0t g=FCf tanq=FCap, > t=E0qgaser giad. > Baisbr=E1mornot qek tumbass > baises f=E1lihadh. > > >GEN =3D genitive >PL =3D plural >CMP =3D comparative >LOC =3D locative >GRP =3D group plural >AUG =3D augmentative > * =3D here _i_ marks an object (idiomatic with this verb) > > > Naines paol, > sky.GEN coat > 'The sky's coat,' > > kafaktherg graiss=FCr fn=E1rarsel soimarth, > cloth.PL.CMP mountains.LOC lying_down mists > 'on the mountains like pieces of cloth mists lying down,' > > t=E0qgaser giad. > AUG.beautiful.2s you > 'you are very beautiful.' > > Lif nefars tumbas > from far-being cloud > 'From a faraway cloud' > > suek rros i sl=E0t g=FCf tanq=FCap, > over sea * sword make.3s lightning > 'lightning draws a sword [both meanings of 'draw' here!] over t=
>sea,' > > t=E0qgaser giad. > AUG.beautiful.2s you > 'you are very beautiful.' > > Baisbr=E1mornot qek tumbass > sun-fall-time be.3p clouds > 'At dusk the clouds are' > > baises f=E1lihadh. > sun.GEN feathers.GRP > 'the feathers of the sun.' > >Hope you don't mind that I messed with it... Are you putting it up >in your website? I'd like to link to it. > > >--Pablo Flores
I don't mind at all. Whatever fits your language. The word order is such = in=20 Asiteya because classical poetry is supossed to have some kind of paralle= l=20 structure, which is broken in the last stanza. And yes, it'll be on my=20 website, with myriad other updates once I can have the computer to myself= =20 for long enough to do anything. Sigh. And less than three weeks till scho= ol=20 starts... Will your's be on your website? I'd like to hear it. Jennifer _______________________________________________________________ Get Free Email and Do More On The Web. Visit