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Re: New Polysynthetic (?) Language

From:Joseph Fatula <joefatula@...>
Date:Saturday, June 2, 2007, 9:02
Joseph Fatula wrote:
> Anyone here interested in polysynthetic languages? I've been working > on something like one for a bit and have just finished translating the > North Wind and the Sun: > > > I'm not sure whether it counts as polysynthetic or not, as it doesn't > involve any incorporation of noun arguments within verbs, but it does > have a fairly high morpheme-to-word ratio. What do you think? > > >
And maybe I should mention a little bit about the pronunciation, since it might not be entirely intuitive. There are three stops: t, k, and ' for a glottal stop. There are four affricates and fricatives: ts, ts (with hacek to indicate /tS/), s, and h. There are two nasals: m and n. There are three approximants: l, j, and w. The vowels I'm not quite settled on. I think the o should be a more open vowel, like English "caught" (sorry, I don't remember the symbol we use here for it - the IPA turned script a), and the u should probably be unrounded. Accented vowels are high, stressed, and long (but short when before a glottal stop). There are no digraphs except for the two affricates, so "kh" is /k/ followed by /h/. ____________________________________________________________ GET FREE 5GB ONLINE STORAGE - Safely store your documents, photos and music online! Visit to find out more!