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Re: Translation exercise: phrases from Jäschke

From:Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 25, 2002, 2:30
di-2002. Tim May <butsuri@...>-ad kurti:
> As previously mentioned, I've been reading H.A. Jäschke's "Tibetan > Grammar" (1883). In the appendix are "A collection of phrases from > daily life, in the modern dialects, romanized". Some of them are > rather strange, and I present them here both as an insight into how > the author may have envisioned his 19th century readers spending > their > time in Tibet, and as a translation exercise for those whose conlangs > are more complete than mine. > > (I won't include the Tibetan translations, unless anyone really wants > them - too difficult to transcribe his orthography.)
here's for kinsi rorotan. i'm going to assume that all the people involved are male.
> Where do you come from?
wokani antam nadas? [w@"xane "anTam "naDas] GEN.<interrogative>.NEUT.AGNT come.PRES.PERF 2s.MASC.AGNT
> Who are you?
nadas kanas? ["naDas "xanas] 2s.MASC.AGNT <interrogative>.MASC.AGNT
> Whose (man, servant) are you?
ikandas nado? [e"xaDas "nan@] DAT.<interrogative>.MASC.PAT 2s.INF
> What is your name?
karkani ynatas? ["xar%xane i"naTas] name.<interrogative>.NEUT.AGNT DAT.2s.PAT
> Where is your house?
dikani tirnado? [De"xane "Ter\%naD@] LOC.<interrogative>.NEUT.AGNT home.2s.INF
> Why do you come? (What do you want?)
ikanes antam nadas? [e"xadEs "anTam "naDas] DAT.<interrogative>.NEUT.PAT come.PRES.PERF 2s.MASC.AGNT
> Why are you here?
ikanes nadarena? [e"xadEs "naDa%r\Ena] DAT.<interrogative>.NEUT.PAT 2s.this.PRES
> I sit here to watch.
dereni ikojes tusod endas. [DE"r\Ene e"xojEs "T1s@D "EnDas] LOC.this.NEUT.AGNT sit.INF.CONT 1s.MASC.AGNT
> What is the name of this village?
karkani iterorenes? ["xar%xane e"TEr\@%r\EnEs] name.<interrogative>.NEUT.AGNT
> Have you any errand (business)?
kuri ynatas? [x1r\e i"naTas] kur(not sure how to translate).NEUT.AGNT DAT.2s.MASC.PAT
> Not any; I have come to no purpose.
ezes, ikurazes antam endas. [EZEs ex1r\aZEs anTam EnDas] DAT.NEG.NEUT.PAT, DAT.kur.NEG.NEUT.PAT come.PRES.PERF 1s.AGNT
> Then go home to eat (drink) your soup.
inardi sares ronadas ikores nadas ysitira nadas natas. [e"narDe "sar\Es r\@naDas e"x@r\Es nadas yse"Ter\@ "naDas "naTas] DAT.that.NEUT.PAT soup/stew.NEUT.PAT GEN.2s.MASC.AGNT 2s.MASC.AGNT IMP.home.PRES 2s.MASC.AGNT 2s.MASC.PAT that was a hard one!
> Yes: please give me some medecine.
ko keres ysentesa intas. [x@ "xEr\Es i"sEn%TEsa "enTas] please medicine.PAT IMP.come.NEUT.PAT.PRES DAT.1s.MASC.PAT
> I am ill (I have got, am befallen with, an illness).
kunaza entas. ["x1n%aZa "EnTas] feel_well.NEG.PRES 1s.MASC.PAT
> I feel pain.
mora entas. ["m@r\a "EnTas] pain.PRES 1s.MASC.PAT
> Where?
dikani? [De"xane] LOC.<interrogative>.NEUT.AGNT
> In the stomach.
dikoti [Dex@Te] LOC.stomach.NEUT.AGNT
> I have headache.
dimaki mora entas. [De"maxe "m@r\a "EnTas] LOC.head.NEUT.AGNT pain.PRES 1s.MASC.PAT
> We should have taken a walk, but it is too hot.
amakazin naras, tasa kada. [ama"xaZen "nar\as ta"sa "xaDa] OBL.walk.PAST.PERF 1pl.MASC.AGNT, but hot.PRES
> Take this!
aranes ysijefa! ["ar\anEs ise"jEfa] this.NEUT.PAT IMP.take.PRES
> Take this with (you)!
aranes ysijefa dinadas! ["ar\anEs ise"jEfa DenaDas] this.NEUT.PAT IMP.take.PRES LOC.2s.AGNT
> Bring this!
arenes ysentesa. [a"r\EnEs is"EnTEsa] this.NEUT.PAT IMP.come.NEUT.PAT.PRES
> How shall I do this?
vokani amareno endas? [v@"xane ama"r\Eno EnDas] INSTR.<interrogative>.NEUT.AGNT 1s.MASC.AGNT
> You must not do it in this way.
yserenaza mat nadas. [isEr\EnaZa maT naDas] mat 2s.MASC.AGNT mat = in this way
> I want some more milk.
mekes suv zosa endas. ["mExEs s1v z@sa EnDas] milk.NEUT.PAT more want.PRES 1s.MASC.AGNT
> Clean this!
arenes ysimepa! [a"r\EnEs ise"mEp\a] this.NEUT.PAT IMP.clean.PRES
> Wash it with sand!
ysimepa vokazi! [ise"mEp\a v@"xaZe] IMP.clean.PRES INSTR.sand.NEUT.AGNT
> Give me some water, please!
bades ysentesa intas, ko! ["BaDEs ys"EnTEsa enTas x@] water.NEUT.PAT IMP.come.NEUT.PAT.PRES DAT.1s.MASC.PAT, please
> Are (your) hands clean?
wati mep? [waTe mEp\] hands.NEUT.AGNT clean
> Filter the milk through the filtering cloth!
mekes ysimepa vomepseri ["mExEs ise"mEp\a v@mEp\sEre] milk.NEUT.PAT IMP.clean.PRES INSTR.clean.cloth.NEUT.AGNT
> Put the little stove there!
sotjeves ysizyma dinardi! ["s@T%jEvEs ise"Zima De"nar\De] stove.little.NEUT.PAT IMP.put.PRES LOC.that.NEUT.AGNT
> Put the pot (_degc`i_) down on the ground!
naves ysizyma ditari! ["navEs ise"Zima De"Tar\e] stove.little.NEUT.PAT IMP.put.PRES LOC.ground.NEUT.AGNT
> Put the pot near the fire!
naves ysizyma deresati! ["navEs ise"Zima DE"r\EsaTe] stove.little.NEUT.PAT IMP.put.PRES
> Take it off!
ysijefa! [ise"jEfa] IMP.take.PRES
> As soon as the sun sets, light a fire!
soz satadas viza, sates ysisata! [s@Z "saTaDas "veZa "saTEs ise"saTa] when sun.MASC.PAT hide.PRES, fire.NEUT.PAT IMP.light.PRES
> Go to fetch the china!
synes enteses ysirafa! ["sinEs "EnTEsEs ise"r\afa] china.NEUT.PAT DAT.come.NEUT.PAT.NEUT.PAT IMP.go.PRES
> Come to take away - -.
- - ijefes ysenta. [- - e"jEfEs is"EnTa] - - DAT.take.NEUT.PAT IMP.come.PRES
> If you wash with cold water, the china does not become clean; wash it > well with some hot (water)!
vobadmysi, synes mepazo; ysivobadsata! [v@"BaD%mise sinEs mEp\aZ@ isev@BaDsaTa] INSTR.water.cold.NEUT.AGNT, china.NEUT.PAT clean.NEG.FUT;
> Unless all the work is done, don't go! (or) you must not go.
tasa kuri jys, ysirafaza! ["Tasa "x1r\e jis, iser\afaZa] but kur.NEUT.AGNT complete, IMP.go.NEG.PRES
> Shall I make the table ready?
pades yserta endas? ["p\aDEs is"Er\Ta "EnDas] table.NEUT.PAT IMP.prepare.PRES 1s.MASC.AGNT
> Yes; lay (spread) the cloth!
seres ysizyma! ["sEr\Es ise"Zima] cloth.NEUT.PAT IMP.put.PRES
> Is there much water in the teapot, or little?
badi wiz ditypa, sa badi jev? ["BaDe weZ De"Tip\a sa "BaDe jEv] water.NEUT.AGNT much LOC.teapot.PRES, or water.NEUT.AGNT little
> (But) a little.
badi jev. ["BaDe jEv] water.NEUT.AGNT little
> Fill the teapot with water, and bring it!
bades ysizyma ditypi, da ysentesa! ["BaDEs ise"Zima De"Tip\e Da ys"EnTEsa] water.NEUT.PAT IMP.put.PRES LOC.teapot.NEUT.AGNT, and IMP.come.NEUT.PAT.PRES
> The kettle leaks.
ky sedi fosa. [xi "sEDe "f@sa] the kettle.NEUT.AGNT leak.PRES
> It must be soldered (fastened with pewter).
ysimisa. [ise"mesa] IMP.fix.PRES
> Take it to the blacksmith's.
ysijefa dinavmisas. [ise"jEfa De"nav%mesas] IMP.take.PRES LOC.blacksmith.MASC.AGNT
> The tumbler (glass-cup) has got a crack.
kynki inyves. ["xinxe e"nivEs] crack.NEUT.AGNT DAT.cup.NEUT.PAT
> Unless I tell you, do not bring wood!
tasa kinsa natas endas, kuzes ysentesa! ["Tasa "xensa "naTas "EnDas "x1ZEs ys"EnTEsa] but tell.PRES 2s.MASC.PAT 1s.MASC.AGNT, wood.NEUT.PAT IMP.come.NEUT.PAT.PRES
> When master commands, I shall bring.
soz wodas kinsyserena, ysenteso endas. [s@Z "w@Das "xensis"Er\Ena is"EnTEs@ "EnDas] when master.MASC.AGNT say.IMP.this.PRES, IMP.come.NEUT.PAT.FUT 1s.MASC.AGNT
> What did you say, sir (did the gentleman say)?
kanes kinsi nadas, vasas? ["xanEs xense naDas vasas] <interrogative>.NEUT.PAT say.PAST 2s.MASC.AGNT, sir.MASC.AGNT
> Don't cast it away! Do not let it slip!
ysizyfaza! ysifosaza! [ise"ZifaZa ise"f@saZa] IMP.throw.NEG.PRES IMP.drop.NEG.PRES
> Take care! Cautiously!
ysisisa! [ise"sesa] IMP.careful.PRES
> You must not press!
ysikomaza! [ise"x@maZa]
> Put by the remainder the remainder of the rice!
tases rorysi ysizyma ditasi! ["TasEs r\@"r\ise ise"Zima DeTase] remainder.NEUT.PAT GEN.rice.NEUT.AGNT IMP.put.PRES LOC.remainder.NEUT.AGNT
> There is no remainder, nothing is left.
tasi aza, ki aza. ["Tase "aZa xe "aZa] remainder.NEUT.AGNT NEG, thing.NEUT.AGNT NEG
> Do not let the milk run over!
mekes ysifosaza! ["mExEs ise"f@saZa] milk.NEUT.PAT IMP.spill.NEG.PRES
> Not cutting the liver, bring it as a whole!
kuses ysizomaza, ysentesa jys! ["k1sEs ise"Z@maZa is"EnTEsa jis] liver.NEUT.PAT IMP.cut.NEG.PRES, IMP.come.NEUT.PAT.PRES complete
> Peel the potatoes, and cut them in pieces!
madin ysizipa, da ysizoma! ["maDen ise"Zep\a Da ise"Z@ma] potato.NEUT.PLUR.PAT IMP.peel.PRES, and IMP.cut.PRES
> Don't tarry much!
ysitusa azawiz! [ise"T1sa "aZa%weZ] IMP.tus(not sure how to translate).PRES NEG.much
> Come soon!
ysenta fy! [is"EnTa fi] IMP.come.PRES soon
> 1. Do not forget! 2. (I) did not forget.
1. ysikarnazaza! 2. karnazazi endas. 1. [ise"xar\na%ZaZa] 2. ["xar\na%ZaZe "EnDas] 1. IMP.remember.NEG.NEG.PRES 2. remember.NEG.NEG.PAST 1s.MASC.AGNT
> Can you remember it (bear it in mind)?
karnes aska nadas? ["xar\nEs "asxa "naDas] remember.NEUT.PAT able.PRES 2s.MASC.AGNT
> You must bear it in mind, (make it certain).
ysikarna nadas. [ise"xar\na "naDas] IMP.remember.PRES 2s.MASC.AGNT
> Go in! Come in!
ysirafa! ysenda! [ise"r\afa] [is"EnDa] IMP.go.PRES IMP.come.PRES
> Go (or come) in, sir!
ysirafa (sa ysenda), vasas! [ise"r\afa sa is"EnDa "vasas] IMP.go.PRES (or IMP.come.PRES), sir.MASC.AGNT
> Sit down!
ysivona! [ise"v@na] IMP.sit.PRES
> Please sit down, sir!
ko ysivona, vasas! [x@ ise"v@na "vasas] please IMP.sit.PRES, sir.MASC.AGNT finally! i thought this thing would never end!
> If you've found this entertaining, you may also enjoy Mark > Rosenfelder's _They Thought You'd Say This: Unlikely phrases from > real > phrasebooks_, here:
i'll have to check it out sometime Robert Wilson (Elentirno Pereldar) ( ><(((> ><(((> <)))>< ><(((> ><(((> I yessessë Eru ontanë Menel ar Cemen. I yessessë ëa Quetta ar Quetta né as Eru ar Eru né Quetta. "Ananwa," eque erye, "i ilúvë ná carmë Eruva. Ilyë nati nar tanwi Erullo."