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Re: OT: Programs You Wish Existed

From:Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
Date:Thursday, March 2, 2006, 10:39
Quoting Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>:

> I need a senior project idea for my computer science degree. My > previous two ideas turned out to have already been solved, so I come > to you folks. > > Does anyone have requests for software they wish existed? I'm
As a matter of fact, yes I do. And what's worse ;) it's definitely language-related. I wish to treat language text as a program, and a text editor consequently as an interpreter. Feeding the "compiled" text into a database for storage as the server component; I also wish to correlate it with a spoken-(listening/speaking)-language component. As far as the database back-end goes, it would appear to be related to the Logic Database idea - depending on your Prof, this may overjoy or deeply depress him/her. I have never heard of anyone seeing any components of this in this context, so it quite conceivably is something completely new - but then again, I expect I'm exceedingly ignorant, to crib a phrase from Ursula Le Guin. I would appreciate it if you could release the software you create under the LGPL so I could make use of it myself ... ;) other than that, enjoy yourself if so you desire. Wesley Parish
> obviously interested in conlang- or language- or linguistics-related > projects, but really anything will do at this point. If I do something > language-related, I'll certainly share it with the list. :) > > > -- > AA > >
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