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Re: Another weird idea!

Date:Sunday, September 11, 2005, 21:22
Well messes are always useful--look at the English language.

On 9/11/05, John Vertical <johnvertical@...> wrote:
> I thought of something very similar the other day, actually. Since vowels > are usually bound to be much sparser than consonants, I decided to go for a > primarily 3-way split instead, with a slightly symbolic side. These 4 > metaphonemes were among the first to turn up: > [?]<>[h]<>[@] ("neutral") > [d]<>[m]<>[a] ("soft") > [t]<>[s]<>[i] ("sharp") > [p]<>[l]<>[o] ("round") > They also refer to the numbers 0,1,2 and pi, ;) among other more abstract > things. > > Morphemes would need have a base form: with the structure 20pipi0, you could > have eg. /tholh/ [t_hOK], /thol?/ [t_ho5k], /s@po?/ [s8'b8k] etc. But say > that the last one is a verb stem, and you want to use it as a consonant > stem: just re-arrange it to /s@pl@/ [s8'bl8]. > You might even have /s@pl@/ exist as a verb stem, too; only *that* one is > realized as [s9'plE:]. > > Further chaos is easily added by very active as- and dissimilation. Say we > have the words 021, 1pi1, 222 (/@ti ala tsi/ [Eti &la tsi:]) and if you add > a suffix -01, they become [@tite apeti si:ki] (Note that since /tsi/ belongs > to declension class 6, the [-ti] suffix assimilates its vowel, dissimilates > its plosive, exagerrates the preceding vowel, and lenites the preceding > plosive, rather than the opposite, as usual.) > > This thing is looking like a very promising mess so far. :) > > Joihn Vertical >