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Another weird idea!

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Date:Tuesday, September 6, 2005, 21:56
I've got, as tells the title, another weird, or maybe, freak idea for a

let's say that I have a conlang in which all the phonemes can be realised in
(at least) two ways (from which) a consonant and a vowel and that the fact
that it is realised as a vowel or a consonant depends of what it follows
(precedes could work too)

So lets say:

|a| is [t] after a vowel and [a] after a consonant
|e| is [b] after a vowel and [e] after a consonant
|i| is [j] after a vowel and [i] after a consonant
|l| is [l] after a vowel and [o] after a consonnant
|s| is [s] after a vowel, a voiceless plosive, or at beginning of words, [z]
after a voiced one, [s=] after a non-plosive voiceless consonant, and [z=]
after a non-plosive voiced one

And the basic rule that a word always begin with a vowel

So if I've got a word "aeil" that would be pronounced [tejo] and that I add
the prefix "ats-" to form "stsaeil", it is now pronounced [sasabil]... which
sounds completely different!

This way, each morpheme would have two realisations like it is the case in a
lot of languages for reasons of vocalic harmony, avoiding consonnant
clusters, or anything else but now it depends of the realisation of the
preceding phoneme which also depend of the preceding etc.

I don't thing such thing is natlangly possible but this would be a crazy
thing to conlang in!

Comments? or who could tell me that this is an ANADEW?? I'd like this to be!

- Max


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