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Re: Hive English Orthography

From:Joseph a.k.a Buck <zhosh@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 10, 2005, 16:18
> I haven't decided on a particular type of syntax yet. I'm > still trying to figure out what distinctions are important > (maybe hive, anti-hive, neutral, > pro-hive-but-not-"synchronized") and how these affect person > and number. Plus I've been sidetracked by yet another conlang project.
Hmm, pro-hive-not-synchronized. Interesting idea. Yeah, I know about other conlangs coming along - I was busied working on a Cree pidgin.
> Some nice trills, there.
> I don't have any morphemes or assignment schemes like that, > although I'm thinking about using |ms| and |mr| to mark > physically feminine and masculine.
I argued with myself about making those assignments being too restrictive, but it is effectively a complex class system based on hive caste and action association.
> I like your use of [K] for "not hive"! Was that usage > influenced by Láadan |lh|?
No, not really. I'm familiar with [K] from Welsh & Navajo, and happen to like the sound. In this case, it seemed to me a logical choice as there are no other laterals in Gremegr.
> >Sentences/phrases are strictly: > ><action><place><time><beneficiary><object><agent> > > > >Example: > >tamat ga7ig gwasa7 zele7 kini7 7ad.
Though I could translate to & from Gremegr, I found that I had to use spreadsheets for the translations to make sense to another local friend.