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Re: Orthography changes...

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Sunday, July 23, 2000, 13:36
>Talking about glottal stops and diphthongs, AFMCL, the sequence /awa/ >cannot exist in Rokbeigalmki - it must be either {aowa} /awwa/, {aoa} >/aw?a/, or {awa} /a?wa/. Rokbeigalmki doesn't write the glottal stop - >it uses different characters for each single vowel and diphthong, so you >know that /aw/ + /a/ = /aw?a/. Glottal stops also appear separating >certain one-syllable affixes from their words, distinguishing the >sequences {i maldm} /i m a l d m=/ ("and humans") and {i-maldm} /? i m a >l d m=/ ("women").
The glottal stop in Saalangal is considered a phoneme in the language. It's not merely to mark boundaries. It's represented in the native script at the ends of words (since unlike the Latin alphabet, it is alpha-syllabic). it is also the only character that does not have an inherent vowel sound (it was added later). Oh, and an update, i've done a more Thai style looking style for the script. I think it's the best looking style i've made up for it. You can see it on the page about the orthography and sounds of Saalangal: No examples of it in use yet. _________________________________________________________ This ain't a yes, this ain't a no, just do your thang, we'll see how it goes