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New Romance Conlang - Roumán Part I,Intro and orthography

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Friday, November 24, 2000, 4:56
Nik Taylor wrote:
> f = /f/
Orthographic {f} is pretty rare, except in the combination _pf_. A spelling reform adopted in some parts of the west uses {f} for /pf/, and also changed {s} and {z}, as {t} and {d} had those pronunciations in those dialects, they came to be used for those sounds, and {s} was changed to /S/, and {z} dropped (since {y} is already used for /Z/). Thus, for example, Roum Nou _amést'_ is spelled _amés_, while RN _amas_ is written _amat_ (and is thus a homonym of the feminine perfect participle), and RN _amépf_ is written _améf_. Also, in those dialects, {tl} and {dl} have become /S/ and /Z/, and are therefore respelled as {s} and {y}. Also, single orthographic stops are pronounced as stops when following nasals, so antusinç (1st Plural Simple form of Present Antipassive of amáu) is pronounced /an'tusints/