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Names - a plea

From:Dan Jones <feuchard@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 23, 2001, 16:52
In the interests of furthering Rhêndrin's vocabulary, does anyone want a
Rhêndrin name? If you know your name's etymology, tell me, and I can do you
a Rhêndrin name, thus helping me create more roots. Maybe we could do a big
name translation thing? I'm sure most of the newer members would like to see
their names rendered in their languages? Please?

I already have:

Daniel: Teorelion (tesu "god" + eljon "judge" from hebrew "god is judge")
John: Teoraneth (tesu "god" + anejen "generous" "from hebrew "god is
Roy: Teadhon (teta "people" + jon "offspring" roy from latin rex, "king",
"king" in English comes from OE. cyning "son of the tribe", hence Teadhon)

Any more for any more?

Teorelion maca Theoraneth.

E souvein-te della veritát que se ja dissó,
                 And remember the truth that once was spoken,

Amer un autre es veder le visaic de Deu.
        To love anonther person is to see the face of god.