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Re: head-initial structure

From:Kala Tunu <kalatunu@...>
Date:Friday, May 17, 2002, 4:59
Garrett Jones <alkaline@...>
>>> > Mike S. scripsit: > > > Actually I can't think of a single language that > > regularly forms head-initial compounds. >
John Cowan wrote:
> Vietnamese is SVO but otherwise quite rigidly head-initial. Native, > as opposed to Sino-Viet, compounds are always head-initial, in particular.
Garrett Jones wrote: what about affixation in vietnamese? <<< i don't know much about vietnamese but khmer is also head-initial and affix-free. the only head-last compounds are made with pali suffixes like "piep" (which is like romance "-tion" and there is a factitive infix now lexicalized. isn't Thai the same? indonesian has strictly head-initial compounds but has also pre-, suf- and circumfixes (infixes are now lexicalized). tahitian is also head-first with a few suffixes like "-ra'a" ("-tion"). swaheli has also head-first compounds. french compounds and incorporates(? "intégrations" in french) are head-first : machine à écrire, onde de choc, lave-linge, tire-bouchon. and i'd say that arabic and hebrew constructs are also head-first. actually, i could think of a few languages that regularly form head-initial compounds ;-) Mathias