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Re: About the Gaelic-L thing

From:Stephen DeGrace <stevedegrace@...>
Date:Saturday, July 6, 2002, 17:49
--- In conlang@y..., Christian Thalmann <cinga@G...>
> --- In conlang@y..., Joe <joe@W...> wrote: > > I have this feeling that she may have confused
Conlangers with
> > those actually are designed to
replace natlangs.
> > Well, auxlangs are "auxiliary" in that they are
intended as a
> world-wide *second language*. Unfortunately, not
all auxlangers
> share that intention. > > In fact, the following web page appears to indicate
that auxlanging
> might indeed be what angers Ms Gunn. Check out the
link about
> "linguistic rights"... I think she sees in
auxlanging the
> colonialistic desire to suppress native minority
> > > > > -- Christian Thalmann
Thanks for the link, but I think the best thing is not to take Ms Gunn seriously or argue with her directly in any case, the page could have been whipped up to create a "cover" in approximately five minutes, it's nothing but a few links. I would avoid being tempted into any form of personal engagement with Ms. Gunn, or buying into an artistically evolving cover story, where she could reel you in and try and set you off again, an exhausting process (but possibly entertaining or satisfying for her) except insofar as it serves the purpose of ensuring that she is not being taken seriously by the people on the list in a way that could inconvenience any conlangers in future... best case scenario: this troll attack could be used to foster greater awareness and understanding of what conlanging is really about (more or less :)) in one online linguistic community. As long as you focus on the community, not the troll... I suspect she's spot on about Don Harlowe and the b'ys, tho. I've always suspected them of plotting world domination... just as soon as they get finished squabbling over the rules and politics on their new list to promote inter-auxlang cooperation, you just watch out... Anyway, my opinion on the Gaelic thing: trust no one <g>, remember that worming their way into trust is an ancient troll tactic they roll out before they leap out from under their bridge and devour you when you try and cross it hehe, and keep your eyes on the prize: what really matters in this situation is whether the people on that list can be turned against conlangers, which is a trick against them and a trick against us. there are people who _so_ would find it funny to start a "war" of that nature and would not see there being any big deal to it. You gotta remember that nothing you say is for the sake of the crazywoman and her possible shills, it's all for the audience, for whom absolute clarity and openness about the reality of our little world :P is very critical. This troll attack can be turned around and made into a positive thing by making a relevant juncture to have a very edifying discussion... Oh, tactically speaking, having a private word with a few prominent, respected, and likely real :) people on the list is often very useful for taking the wind out of a troll attack... Stephen ______________________________________________________________________ Post your ad for free now!


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