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Re: [wika] Boreanesian

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, May 18, 2000, 11:45
>I found another conlanger in another mailing-list called >WIKA. WIKA is a listed devoted to the discussion of Filipino >languages. The discussion I'm forwarding below was originally >posted at WIKA. But it has become more appropriate here at >CONLANG. I have asked Andre Militante to join the group. >Everyone, please welcome our newest Filipino member!
Ahh well, welcome Andre. Nice to meet you. I am part Filipino but dont speak any of the languages, except very little, and only a few words (long story involving lots of personal baggage between my dad and grandma....anyway). I'm glad Kristian reached out to you and that you have joined our fair list ;).
> > > >Well, Boreanesia isn't exactly a reflection of myself in >that sense. I strive to make things realistic. But I >suppose that a bit of me has unavoidably entered Boreanesia.
And like with Kristian's Boreanesians, my Saalangal*, aren't a reflection of myself, really. I too strive to make things realistic (currently, there's a bit of commercial influence by coprorations leaking into the island), but i know, there are some of my ideals tied up in their culture as well. *Saalangal is my current, and most favored conlang. It is inspired by the sounds and some of the grammar of Tagalog, but i've been adding things to it to make it distinct and it's own animal.
> > >There's also the conculture list. But I miss the more >scientific discussion prevalent in conlang. When it was >first created, I was hoping for discussions in >anthropology. But now it seems to have been reduced to >As-For-My-Conculture type discussions. How are the >discussions at the anthropology egroups list?
Well Kristian, have you tried to get discussions on anthropology going ;) ? I dont really participate too much anyway, because of school. I would be interested in seeing anthropology discussions, but havent read anything on the subject.
> > >>>>Yat has 7 vowels. I'm just gonna describe it here >>>>since I'm not familiar with a lot of linguistic >>>>jargon. 1) "a" like the Tagalog "a" ; 2) "ae" like >>>>the sound in "cat" in english; 3) "e" like the Tagalog >>>>"e" ; 4) "i" like the Tagalog "i" ; 5) "o" like the >>>>Tagalog "o" but with lips spread widely ( I was about >>>>to say that it sounds like the vowel sound in >>>>"caught", but I just remembered that its pronounced >>>>differently from English dialect to English dialect); >>>>6) "u" like the Tagalog "u" ; and 7) "" much like "u" >>>>but with lips spread widely.
Interesting bit of phonology, Andre. Hopefully, once you actually start emailing to the list you can describe more of it? - Barry, who should be doing essays, but is listening to "Extra" by Ken Ishii, and procrastinating, because that's what he does best (Soon to be a member of the procrastinators club, once he gets around to joining). ________________________________________________ The rattan basket criticizes the palm leaf basket, still both are full of holes.