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Re: Vos u Yatsal - A short story in Oldvak

From:John L. Leland <countsirjehan@...>
Date:Monday, June 9, 2003, 3:57
A rather belated version in Rihana-ye:
Fisa-te, *fabate he-*fekomi digifa vejofa-fe wicho, by vejofa *fisaleva-i
vejoja *wefejo-mi
Hill-on, wool-notproducing sheep horses saw, one horse heavy cart pulling
by fi *tefeboha *tefebo-mi, ge by ba fugegu *tefebo-mi. Digifa vejofa-fe-de
wivaro,  sefa-ye
one big load carrying, and one man veryquickly carrying. Sheep horse-pl.-to
said, my
(animal) va diva-i ba vejofa-fe-te tujo-mi cho-gi. Vejofa-fe wivaro, "Hlo-bi,
digifa, sefa-fe-ye
           spirit sad man horse-pl.-over ruling see-to. Horses
said."Listen-must, sheep, our
(animal) va-fe diva-i ba, tiba, fefa-ye fabate vesese-deke pi *tebate-deke
bo-mi chomiwa-
           spirits sad man,lord, your wool himself-for hot coat-for taking
me.  Ge se digifa he fabate feko-mi." Se hlo-mi, digifa *finina-fe-de
 in. And this sheep no wool producing."  This hearing, sheep plains-to fled.
NOTE: digifa is the term for sheep as a meat animal, which fits the point of
the story.
A sheep kept for wool would be fabatefa.
John Leland