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Re: Weekly Vocab #1.1.4 (repost #1)

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Monday, September 25, 2006, 6:35
I am sitting on the bus right row. Many hours left to travel, so
might as well do the exercise.

>> 1. bunny / rabbit
Urianian: kánin (loan word from Danish, but stress and long vowel quantity has shifted from last to first) Gaajan: pun
>> 2. ferret
Hmm, don't have the necessary sources available right now. (What's IE for ferret?)
>> 3. knife
U: netul, frizul G: ylna (or possibly ulna), sunija
>> 4. alien / foreigner
U: anat G: pos (strange, alien, foreigner)
>> 5. ouch! / ow!
U: aú G: ai
>> 6. help!
U: gekti mi! G: ipek atne! Both mean literally "help me". For Gaajan I'd go for "ipee!" as a spontaneous outcry. That would work, I think.
>> 7. aaaa! (a scream of terror)
U: aaaa! G: aaaa!
>> 8. aaaargh! (a scream of pain / failure / death)
U: aaaarr! G: aaaarr!
>> 9. grrrr! (an intimidating growl)
U: grrrr! G: arrr! (I'm not so final about these interjections....)
>> 10. blood
U: sap (blood, courage) G: usaul
>> 1. That bunny has a knife!
U: Kannits e frizul! (lit.: rabbit-dem-gen is knife) G: Pundane ylna a! (rabbit-that-gen-erg knife it-does/is-to-it)
>> 2. This is my ferret. She likes to dance!
U: Gi e ma (ferret). Sem e si víkid! (pleasant is her-acc dance-inf) G: (ferret)-ek mabe ju. (ferret-this my-own it-is) Iwaimaj anari a. (dancing habit-enjoy it-is/does-to-it)
>> 3. The bunny with the knife is coming for me!
U: Kánin éfan frizla jum ma minzana! (rabbit wielding knife-acc comes my direction-acc) G: Ylnaim pune anti ate! (knife-comit rabbit-erg go-all it-does/is-to- me)
>> 4. Does that alien eat people or not?
U: Uf anatas eg lázunt iskot? (Question alien-dem eat or-what) G: Posdake uru anij lanjinje? (Alien-that-erg human-pl habit-eat question-it-does/is-to-them)
>> 5. Ouch! The rabbit with the knife cut off my arm!
U: Au! Kánin éfan frizla gýgi ma feka! (rabbit wielding knife-acc cut- off-pret my arm-acc) G: Ai! Ylnaim pune besuma suni ja! (knife-comit rabbit-erg arm-my cut- off it-did/was-to-it)
>> 6. Help! I'm bleeding to death!
U: Gekti mi! Gresam ma néra! (Bleed-1.p.s.pres my bane-acc) G: Ipee! Ileme kuan at! (death-transl bleed I-do/am-to-it)
>> 7. Aaaaa! The rabbit is coming back!
U: Aaaa! Kánin jum virdi! (rabbit comes return-instr) G: Aaaa! Pun asanala ju! (rabbit re-go-term it-does/is)
>> 8. Aaaargh! It cut off my other arm!
U: Aaaarr! Gýgi ma feka ell! G: Aaaarr! Aku besuma suni ja! (other arm-my cut-off it-did/was-to-it)
>> 9. Grrrr! I will step on (crush / squish by foot) that rabbit!
U: Grrrr! Timpisam kannandan! (crush/step on-fut-1s rabbit-dem-acc) G: Arrr! Pun winipo adat! (rabbit crush-with-foot fut-I-am/do-to-it)
>> 10. The rabbit cut off my legs. Look at the pretty pools of blood.
U: Kánin gýgi ma nemet. Aizu zapet geli sapat. (look-imp.2s pool- pretty-pl blood-abl) G: Pune winuma suni janji. (rabbit-erg leg-pl-my cut-off it-did/was- to-them) Ade usaula popewe urek tani. (pretty blood-part pool-pl look- imp you-do/are-to-them) Phew. But not too hard. Still 3 hours left of travelling. Now will I ever be fluent in these languages? No. I am still not sure whether Gaajan might skip the plural markers of the nouns along with all the other things they have skipped, since they mark it in the auxiliaries as well. I tend to think so, at least for subjects, objects and beneficiaries. Maybe I'll do it in some dialect first. LEF