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Re: Weekly Vocab #1.1.4 (repost #1)

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 26, 2006, 0:07
Den 25. sep. 2006 kl. 14.46 skrev caeruleancentaur:
> > kek = Wiesel, the common weasel (M. vulgaris); Iltis, polecat, > fitchet (M. putorius) > > ker-, kker-, a color-root for dark, grayish colors > kkormen = > Hermelin, stoat (synonym for ermine in its brown phase), ermine (M. > ermineus); Wiesel > > ggheggh, ggegg = Iltis > > wer (Pokorny: in den sicher Zugehörigen mit redupl.) > werwer, > wewer, > wâwer, etc. = Eichhorn, squirrel; Iltis; Marder, pine marten (M. > martes) > > bhel-, white > bhelewo-, Marder
Thanks. Well, my concultures would know of a few of these weasel- related animals. They will not know the polecat (M. putorius), but they know the weasels (M. martes and M. nivalis), the ermine (M. erminea), and will have the tame ferret (M. furo). M. martes is easy in Urianian: merd. And M. erminea is garm. M. furo is fret, a loanword. For nivalis I think 'um', but maybe unt- in oblique cases, have to work that out. For Gaajan I don't have all I need of caucasian references, but I think I can use a compound luskaga for M. martes and ukapsa for M. erminea. I think they will know the ferret too, and have a native word, kuwin. Literally the compounds are 'long mouse', 'stone hunter' and 'hole runner' respectively. Then the sentences are: U: Gi e ma fret. G: Kuwinek mabe ju. (This is my ferret.) LEF .....home pages things not yet moved from