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Re: "Writing Transformational Grammars" Book

From:Erich Rickheit KSC <rickheit-cnl@...>
Date:Friday, January 9, 2004, 6:04
Caleb Hines wrote:
> Here's one of the sample excersises from that book.
Well, I need an explanation. If I ignore sentence 10, I can produce this 'grammar': sentence : subject VERB object subject : noun-phrase object : noun-phrase noun-phrase : modifier NOUN modifier : ADJECTIVE | 0 transformations subj VERB obj -> VERB obj subj vocabulary VERB ma "eat" tagapa "love" tagrup "caress" tasupa "hit" NOUN bod "dog" gal "girl" ped "boy" pso "man" samak "fish" umu "mother" ADJECTIVE buntu "big" The last sentence: 10) buntu samak tagrup. The big fish caresses the fish. suggests a rule where the object can be deleted if it the same as the subject - but we are told these are ungrammatical *gal tagapa *bod tasupa *gal tagrup The difference seems to be the presence of the adjective. So do I create an optional transformational rule: ADJECTIVE NOUN.1 VERB NOUN.1 -> ADJECTIVE NOUN.1 VERB which would let me say '?buntu gal tagrup' "the big girl caresses the girl"? Erich