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Re: migjan laggvage (my language)

From:Reilly Schlaier <schlaier@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 23, 2005, 17:17
oops i broke one of my own rules the title should be
'migjan laggvagje'

well while i am here might as well submit some more work to be
critisized (in an entirely nice way).

hvau dhii?
who 2.acc
who are you?

ig fye Amerikandjer.
1.nom be american.indf
i am an american

vii velg dje methjenhell-air.
1.plur walk.fut the meadhall-dat.
we will walk to the mead hall

degje valgaigg in dye asnau.
3.mix walking in the snow.
they are walking in the snow.

dhau ge-gebja-t miir dye hund-sja.
you pst-give.pst-pst 1.dat the dog-plur.
you gave me the dogs.