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Re : Re: Ong Rokbeigalmki (A Rokbeigalmki Chant)

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Date:Wednesday, September 29, 1999, 20:18
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 29/09/99 20:35:24  , Steg schreef :

> Eh? {olei} is pronounced /olej/. > Isn't "allez" /ale/ ? (and what is it, anyway?) > =20 > =20 > -Stephen (Steg)
2nd pl. pers. of "aller" ("to go") je vais tu vas il/elle va nous allons vous allez ils/elles vont one french most regular verbs (future : "j'irai" etc.) given that - according to the francophonie's choatic and ruinous plans - french must be the 2nd millenium's ial i suggest that - for the sake of mere regularity - "allez" be spelled "alez". more scientific improvements welcome. mathias