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our holy days (was: RE: Poll by Email No. 14

From:And Rosta <a-rosta@...>
Date:Monday, June 10, 2002, 21:19
> This week's poll is a little "off topic" but since I'm celebrating my > vacation, I thought that it would be interested to see what you are doing > this summer.
Not so off-topic, because -- I remark, following on from the recent threads of self-discloure -- for me, vacations in which I vacate my home are mere chores undertaken for the satisfaction of people I am placed under an obligation towards by my affection for them. The true holiday is to stay at home and devote myself utterly to poetry and conlanging. I hope to be able to manage to allocate most of August to this, partly through the strategem of not accompanying my family on its vacation. It is these precious weeks, during which I am transported into a rapture of the most intense exalted joy, the experience of which utterly transforms the experience of life from something like a dull ache to something like a constant orgasm, that I really live for, and they make the rest of the year feel grey, unrewarding and a chafing and frustrating impediment to regaining that joy. This mode of experiencing life is common among artists and drug addicts, though with the latter but not the former both the highs and the lows tend to get lower over time. (I should add, for clarification, that I myself am not addicted to any narcotic but tobacco and coffee; knowing my susceptibility to addiction and compulsive behaviour, I have been careful not even to sample other addictive narcotics.) If anybody else feels as I do, please don't be inhibited by list decorum and do post a "me too" message; not one of my friends and acquaintances has the experience I describe above and so I am very curious to hear about others who experience both a similar rapture and a similar debilitation when the rapture is unattainable. --And.
> A. No rest for the weary: I'm working straight through summer. > B. I've got the entire summer off. > C. I'm taking a vacation or two sometime this summer. > D. Other.


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