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Re: The great Michael Everson (was: Reformed Latin-script writing...)

From:LIJESH KRISHNAN <lijesh@...>
Date:Friday, May 5, 2000, 17:58
> > By the way, I read that the Burushaski language (an isolate spoken by a > small community way up in the Indian-Pakistani Himalayan country) has no > established script. Is that true, and could this be an opportunity for > me (and anyone else who wants to help) to devise a script for them? I > just need to know the phonology and common affixes, phonemic sequential > rules, even a basic vocabulary, and whatever else would be the most > helpful in working out a writing system... > > Danny >
Konkani, one of the official languages of India, spoken in the state of Goa, and by ethnic Konkani Brahmins everywhere, has no script. People usually use Devanagri or the language of the state where they live. I've even heard someone say that Latin is used. Don't know much more about it.