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Re: basic vocab (long)

From:Ajin-Kwai <wpii@...>
Date:Friday, September 22, 2000, 15:21

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Ajin-Kwai wrote:

> Conflict". Two good articles to look for (esp. re: this topic) are > "Shakespeare in the Bush" and "Non-sequential ??? among Trobriand > Islanders" (i'm not home with the collection right now).
"Shakespeare in the Bush" - Laura Bohannan "Lineal and Non-Lineal Codifications of Reality" - Dorothy Lee
> Margaret Mead and to a lesser extent Ruth Benedict are also good to read, > though they have their problems. Ruth Benedict flagrantly displays > western bias though she go to great lengths to be fair. Her book "Four > Ways of Being Human" is easy reading. Margaret Mead is also easy reading.
"Patterns of Culture" - Ruth Benedict "Four Ways of Being Human" - Gene Lisitzky Margaret Mead's Book discusses The Mundungmor, Aparesh and Tschambuli. alilia, .yasmin.