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Re: Wenedyk - Adjectives

From:Isaac A. Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Monday, September 23, 2002, 18:34
On Fri, 20 Sep 2002 09:06:08 +0100 Jan van Steenbergen c'azdy:

--- Toksyka wipra£a Icyk skrzypszy: <<<<<<<<<<< Impressed!
The solution is actually quite simple: |brzew| will be "short in time", |krut| will be "short in size" (I've always been like that. When I can't choose between two options, I usually take both). <<<<<<<<<<<< Smart boy!
By the way, where does the English word "short" come from? I presume it must be cognate to Du. "kort", Ge. "kurz", Fr. "court", Ru. "korotkij", etc., but if so, I'm seriously wondering how/why the /k/ could change to /sh/. <<<<<<<<<<<<< In OE it was |sceort| (c stands for /k_j/) > [SOrt]. I don't know why there is an additional s- here. But I read somewhere that it was a common phenomenon in Germanic langs to add it in Anlaut...
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> > Well, Romanian can offer you smth like |bàrbatului| which is G.-D.
> above ;-)
Hmmm. Perhaps I'll reconsider. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< It's up to you. The system you have now looks neat!
I thought your L1 was Ukrainian, Russian being your wife's L1? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< No! Vice versa!
Anyway, for the same reason Latin-based conlangs are not very inventive. But Wenedyk is not meant to be either beautiful or original. It's just that I find it very interesting to work on it. However, I save my originality for Hattic and Askaic. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I fully understand. My attitude is the same!
Is this a particulal Kievan phenomenon? I asked my girlfriend (who is from Lviv, as you might recall) if she has ever heard of it, and she said nope (to be more exact: "nie" :) ) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Lviv is a kind of a different planet... If seriously, the phenomenon of "surzhik" exists mostly in Eastern Ukraine due to lack of proper education in Soviet times.
Could it be considered some sort of a transitory dialect, maybe a hybrid? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< It's definitely a hybrid, like Middle English. Cheers, Yitzik ~~~~~~~~~~~~~