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conlan/natlang coincidences

From:James W <jworlton@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 17, 2003, 17:26
This may or may not be interesting. :)

While looking through a book[1] at work which the university had ordered, I saw the following:

Magge - Maggio. Quinto mese dell'anno...

I could not help but think of Christophe's Maggel. Who knows, maybe his language
is an unconscious (or conscious :)) ) reference to a dialect of Italian
referring to the month of May... ;)

This got me wondering about how we all approach the specific creation of words in
conlangs, and how closely we try to relate them (or not!) to natlangs.
Obviously, for languages like Wenedyk and others the similarities are
conscious. But for others, like Orêlynna (my current conlang), I wonder how
consciously we try to *avoid* any forms that resemble natlangs.[2]

[1] The book is _Vocabolario ragionato del dialetto di Campobasso_ by Arnaldo
Brunale. (Edizioni Enne, 2001)
[2] I'm not talking about things like |zxpcvmzxzdswfwtre| which are not (to me at
least) pronounceable, but rather that we come up with word forms which are
unlike any natlangs which we know, for instance þeyholanayte(which is the
passive form of 'to scatter' for 1PL, future tense: 'we will be scattered').
James Worlton

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