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Re: Re : Brainstorming! Relative clauses

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Date:Tuesday, October 5, 1999, 17:12
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 04/10/99 23:52:24  , tu as =E9crit :

> > "The dog that saw the cat was large. =20
peto ya puse peno yu toma dog who see cat end. be-big
> > rel. object: > > "The dog saw the cat that killed the mouse."
peto puse peno ya kainyamisu mochu dog see cat who make-un-live mouse
> > nested: > > "The dog that saw the cat that killed the mouse that was large drank > > from the river that John put the poison in."=20
peto ya puse peno ya kainyamisu mochu ya tamo yu kice solu ya john dog that see cat that make-un-live mouse that big end. drink river that john kaikani puka lau yo make-pour poison in it.
> > rel. indirect object: > > "The dog that John gave the ball to."
peto ya john kaipomo seki sau yo dog that john make-possess ball by her
> > rel. oblique: > > "The mouse that the cat chewed on."
mochu ya peno toku-toku yo mouse that cat bite-bite her =20
> or, > > "The cat that the dog was bigger than."
peno ya peto toma nuko yo cat that dog big exceed her
> > rel. posessor: > > "The dog saw the cat whose teeth were huge."
peto puse peno ya suna-suna yo siso dog see cat that tooth-tooth her huge
> > tal.
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