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CHAT: Brainstorming! Relative clauses

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Monday, October 4, 1999, 22:11
I'm currently struggling with understanding the rel. cl. of my lang
correctly, and thought I'd look at how it works in other langs.
Unfortunately, it seems that relative clauses is part of the grammar
that is 'not yet online' :) Does it change too often?

Anyways, how -do- you do relative clauses in your conlangs? Here's
something for y'all to translate... (substitute words when necessary...)

rel. subject:
"The dog that saw the cat was large."

rel. object:
"The dog saw the cat that killed the mouse."

"The dog that saw the cat that killed the mouse that was large drank
from the river that John put the poison in."

rel. indirect object:
"The dog that John gave the ball to."

rel. oblique:
"The mouse that the cat chewed on." or,
"The cat that the dog was bigger than."

rel. posessor:
"The dog saw the cat whose teeth were huge."

Yep, they're inspired by the relative-clause section in "Describing
Morphosyntax" (see

"Better living through conlanging"