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Re: [announce] Invented Languages magazine

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 4, 2008, 18:22
--- ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...> wrote:

> One could play Conlang Scrabble, either in a single > language, or allow any > word from any conlang (not too big a phonology, > please). Has anyone tried > "international" Scrabble, where any foreign word (in > Roman chars.) is > allowed?? (The various official Scrabble > dictionaries do contain lots of > unfamiliar foreign words)
I have, with a group of Wycliffe people so lots of obscure languages like Natqgu were involved. I think we got 20-something languages on the board by the end. It was a blast. Adam Ed ñavisud in junu suñu pera nun regrediri ad ul Erodu, regrediruns ad il sustrus provinchi peu'l via aurra. Machu 2:12