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Re: CHAT: Measurements (was: Re: CHAT: browsers)

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Monday, February 17, 2003, 19:44
I wrote:
> >Tristan wrote: >>Andreas Johansson wrote: >> >>>Do you want to get me started on the irregular parts? >> >>Yes please. > >To be perfectly honest, it probably isn't as bad as Maggel. > >Still, there are outrageous spellings like _graentz_ /grans/ "mountain >range", where both the "e" and the "t" are silent without any >justification. > >What's truly bad about this orthography is that manages to cause massive >ambiguity while mapping 22 phonemes onto 25 letters* plus a couple of dozen >digraphs. The really unforgiveable part is, of course, the aforementioned >unsystematic indication of /e/. It doesn't even avoid identical spellings >where it could; city name _Mrd_ /mr=d/ and _mrd_ /merede/ "rivercourse in >delta".
See that asterisk? I was intending to list the phonemes and their regular spellings. So, here it goes: /i/ i /y/ y, ü /e/ e, h, zero /a/ a, ah /o/ o, oo /u/ u, uu /j/ j, y /p/ p /b/ b, bh /t/ t, tt, th /d/ d /k/ k, c /g/ g, gh /f/ f /v/ v, w /s/ s, ss, z, zz, sz, zh, zzh, zhz /S/ ch /h/ h /m/ m /n/ nn /r/ r, rr, rrh /l/ l, ll The doublings that occur in the list above are the common ones - other letters are sporadically doubled. Similarly, a large number of polygraphs involving "h" occurs in the list above - a not inconsiderable number of other silent "h"s are also floating around. Andreas _________________________________________________________________ STOP MORE SPAM with the new MSN 8 and get 2 months FREE*


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