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Zetowvu / Ezotwuv (new conlang)

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Monday, February 24, 2003, 0:24
Alternate Subject Line: "You Evil People, See the Damage You've Caused!"

Emaelivpar Andreas Johansson:
>What I'm speaking about is not having only created one language for a >particular species (which I'm myself guilty of in at least two of my >constructed worlds), but asuming that all members of a non-human race >necessarily speak the same language.
<whimper> No no no no, why must you Conlang people keep forcing me to create new languages and cultures? Why won't you just leave my poor, simple little world alone? </whimper> :) I used to blindly have just two languages on my world, my conlang for the non-humans, and Terran (aka English) for everyone else. Now... on my planet, Cresaea (which may be respelled "Creseia" if my sister can stomach it): - I still have the majority of Cres(ae|ei)ans speaking Asha'ille - I have a slowly-being-reconstructed Sarenshille (aka Old Asha'ille) - I have the Kegharn speaking Gharchove, a sister language to Sarenshille - I need the mother language to Gharchove and Sarenshille - I plan on making some sort of creole to be used in a geographically isolated, large, coastal city well-known for its racial integration of the various species and subspecies of the planet. - And now to the topic of this e-mail: I'm working on a tree-dwelling species, evolutionarily related to the Cres(ae|ei)ans, but smaller. They speak a totally unrelated language, the first I've had on the planet not related to my main conlang, Asha'ille. This is All Your (Collective) Fault. <scowl> But it's worse than that -- Not only is this language unrelated, it's totally different from anything I've worked with before. Allow me to elaborate (and feedback would be most welcome): I think their language contains only vowels, dipthongs, glides, and liquids, and the occasional word-final nasal. Vowel length (three or four levels), nasalization, and breathiness are all phonemic. Vowel rounding is purely allophonic, and exists only for back vowels -- yes, that means no front rounded vowels, even as allophones. Sorry, front-rounded-vowel lovers. :P Relative pitch alternates every other syllable, but is not phonemic. I decided to work on phonology for this language first. As such, the only "word" I have is the name for the language itself, "Zetowvu" or "Ezotwuv", depending on which romanization you use. VOWELS /i/ = [i 1] /u/ = [u M U] /e/ = [e E] /@\/ = [@\ @] /o/ = [o V] /a/ = [a {] /Q/ = [Q A O] This gives me a pretty symmetric vowel distribution:1q1qFront vowels are _only_ unrounded. Back vowels are phonemically rounded, but also have allophonic unrounded counterparts which occur in a presently unknown distribution. CONSONANTS r\ r\` j l l` L M\ n n` J N m Nasals can _only_ occur in word-final positions. All together, this gives me 7 vowels and 12 consonants. ORTHOGRAPHY A limit I placed on romanization of this language is that I want the words to appear pronounceable to an English speaker, even if said apparent pronunciation would be 95% incorrect. I'm aiming for some very systematic etabnannery here. :) I got curious how they might pronounce my name, Arthaey ["ArTei], seeing as they have no dentals or fricatives. -- AA


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