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Re: CHAT: The Gray Wizard Returns

From:Dr. David E. Bell <dbell@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 20, 1999, 19:28
> Dr. David E. Bell wrote: > > > I have always envied prolific conlangers who seem to be able to bang out > > multiple conlangs. > > I envy those few who can discover and gradually come to understand > in depth an entire realistic yet alien language. Fewer still can > describe their discovery in a way that evokes such admiration > among others. The old URL must be one of the most-often bookmarked: >
Oh my! That material is so obsolete (Is it still up? My son used it for a time after I left, but I believe he cancelled the account months ago). Some of the more interesting concepts presented there (the verb system) remain largely in tact although expanded, but almost everything else has undergone significant revision. I'm glad that it still evokes some level of appreciation, however.
> > > I think I am finally > > prepared to try to cobble together a new language. > > Any initial thoughts?
Quite definitely, but they are currently all over the map. There are so many avenues that I would like to explore with my new conlang, but I'm still trying to get a plan together. It took me some 40 years before I was happy with amman iar and I think that was largely because I just let it kind of evolve. When an interesting syntactic twist occurred to me, I would tweak all aspects of the language until the new one fit holistically rather than patching it on in situ. I would like to approach things a bit more systematically this time. I've learned an enormous amount about the process and would like to leverage that experience. Trust, however, that this forum will get to see all of the gory details of this birthing. David