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CHAT: The Gray Wizard Returns

From:Dr. David E. Bell <dbell@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 20, 1999, 15:57

I have recently returned from a year of R&R after a bout of illness due to
overwork.  My wife and I retired to our home in the Harz Mountains where we
had no internet access.  I am now back in the States and once again working
for a living, although at a slower pace than formerly.  Part of the pace
reduction involved relocating from bustling NYC to quiet surburban Northern
Virginia.  It's good to be back in contact with serious language cobblers.

My time off has done wonders for my conlanging.  It was great to be able to
spend days at a time working on my language.  This has resulted in my
conlang, amman iar, approaching a level of completion that I had never
dreamed possible.  The current draft of my reference grammar is nearly 300
pages.  I hope to convert much of this work to HTML on my new website,, over the next few months.  Don't look now because
there's nothing there yet.

I have always envied prolific conlangers who seem to be able to bang out
multiple conlangs.  Although amman iar as it exists today bears no
resemblance to my youthful work of some 40 years ago, nor even to the
language as it existed 4 or 5 years ago, I have always conceptualized it as
the same language, slowly evolving, but never complete.  It is the only
language I have ever created.  For the first time in my conlanging
experience, amman iar seems near enough to complete to leave it alone.
Although I will certainly continue to tweak it, I think I am finally
prepared to try to cobble together a new language.  I feel exhilarated.

Stay tuned!