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Re: CHAT: World War, was Re: CHAT: "have a Canadian day"

From:Brad Coon <bcoon@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 8, 2000, 17:13
Matt Pearson wrote:

> Yes, I remember that Japan was a combatant. My preferred definition > of a world war is a war that was *fought* all over the world, > I'm misremembering my history, it was fought only in parts of Europe, the > Ottoman Empire, and adjacent oceans and seas. (Are there any other > engagements I'm not remembering?) >
Not to belabour a point (which of course is what someone does everytime they say it) but yes, battles were fought in Africa, China, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and even near the Falklands. The Japanese were active in seizing Germany's possessions in the Pacific and in China. The British fought the Germans in Africa, primarily in the now-Tanzania-Kenya area since the former was a German colony. And for their part, the Germans sent commerce raiders far and wide resulting in naval battles in many far-flung parts of the world. Back to conlanging, -- Brad Coon If its tourist season, why can't we shoot them?