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Re : Re: Big Six (2000 model) phonology -- advice?

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Date:Saturday, August 28, 1999, 7:23
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 28/08/99 04:04:34  , Herman a =E9crit :

> >Also, should I also include a phoneme <r>, or just merge it with <l>, and > >maybe retain <r> as a sixth vowel, like English or Mandarin <er>? I wou=
> >prefer to use <l> exclusively in order to simplify things, and accomodat=
> >the many people in the world who speak a language with no lateral-rhotic > >distinction. (Note that <l> could be pronounced as /r/, or as the > >lateralized flap of Japanese <r>.) > =20 > With a choice between "l" and "r", it might be preferable to use "r" as t=
> symbol for the [l] ~ [r] phoneme, to avoid confusion with capital I and t=
> numeral 1.
i use L now because i know many europeans would read R=20 as a velar or else. mathias