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Re: introduction Middelsprake

From:Ingmar Roerdinkholder <ingmar.roerdinkholder@...>
Date:Monday, June 27, 2005, 13:02
Tanke ju, Tom, Wesley on Stefan for jur reaktions.
Thanks Tom, Wesley and Stefan for your reactions.

Ig mag lide de name "artistik sprake" mennig meer den "artificiel"!
I like the name "artistic language" a lot better than "artificial"!

Ig is lükkig dat du kande lese on forsta (meest af) dis MS tekst.
I'm happy that you could read and understand (most of) this MS text.

I'm glad what you said about 'advocating' too, Tom, I felt a bit guilty
it the first time, when Henrik let me know that was forbidden.
But how can I ask people their opinion, when they don't know anything about
the language? First they'll have to be able to learn to know it, aren't

What you say of understanding MS as some different variety of English
is very striking. Because that is the same what I heard from spreakers
of e.g. Danish, German or Dutch about the resemblance of MS to their mother
tongues... And that was exactly my purpose (except for my own fun of
course), its name isn't MIDDEL-sprake for nothing.

Wesley, understanding three quarters of a text in a language you see for the
time is quite a bit, huh? But I'm interested in the rest that is "clear as
mud", what
parts didn't you understand. Maybe the word "ennoch" = still, yet, like
noch, Dutch nog, Swedish ännu, Danish endnu; that is what I call a "cross
between Scandinavian and Western-Germanic. Same with "oller" = or, from
Sc. eller, G. oder, E. or, LS odder etc.

About the texts you asked for: I translated 'De Nord-Wind on de Soln',
'User Fader' (Lord's Prayer) and some more; it is to be found in <Concise
of Middelsprake>, my document about
MS with its grammar, wordlist, pronunciation etc.
Anyone interested can ask me to send it to him/her.

If you want to hear MS spoken, go to:

and something more about me, in Middelsprake, Dutch, English and Low Saxon:

Mid de hertlig gröte af Ingmar

(Reply to Ingmar R. personally rather than to ConLang list/group)
Welcome to ConLang.
Thanks for writing.
Congratulations on your artistic language.
Yes, I could read it.  I even understood it, I think.  I might have
chosen less-than-the-best glosses sometimes, but when so, I usually
was aware of an alternative.
Keep up the good work.
Tom H.C. in MI

Sorry, I didn't reply to all your questions in the first post.
Yes, I'm positive having English as my L1 helped.
I'm also, like Andreas, positive having German as an L2 helped.
I perhaps did not understand everything, at least not with perfect
ease and clarity; but I'm sure I easily got more than half of it.
Without two Germanic languages (English L1 and German L2) I would
probably have had more trouble with more of it.
I found it easier to understand, in a way, than your "thousand thanks
for thy [Andreas's] welcome reaction" to Andreas.
To me, Middelsprake seems more like the Friesian I have seen written
as near to English; or like the German in the film "Nosferatu" which
made me feel almost as if I did not need the sub-titles.
In a somewhat different way, it's like watching/listening to a
television interview of an Ulsterman -- in English, but Americans
need English subtitles.  Or, like the experience I had at the age of
six, listening to my father converse with New Yorkers, he speaking
understandable Tennessee-and-Texas English, they speaking some
incomprehensible language I had never heard before.
Summarizing, it's like a very-different dialect of English to me.
On a ConLang list, if you have any story to tell or any literature in
your conlang or about its speakers, that is enough of a reason
to "advocate" it.
Do you by any chance have "the Babel text", "the One Ring", "the
North Wind and the Sun", or any other of the standard texts
translated into Middelsprake yet?
Tom H.C. in MI

> Wat ig wilde wete gerne, is: > > *kan du lese dis?
Kan ig lese dis.
> > *in fal du kom fran en land mid en Germanisch sprake, helpe dat du to > forsta Middelsprake?
> > *forsta du al uter problem, kan du forsta de halfte, oller alene en lüttel > af dis?
75% understood, the rest clear as mud, sorry. Wesley Parish --- In, Ingmar Roerdinkholder <ingmar.roerdinkholder@W...> wrote:
> Hei folk af de Conlang list > > Ig wil make mi kenned an ju: miin name is Ingmar Roerdinkholder, ig >leve in Nederland on ig liove künstlig sprakes. > Ig ha maked okso eniges self, on de sprake dat ju lese nu is Middelsprake. > > Middelsprake is en Intergermanisch meen sprake, basered up de >modern, levend Germanisch sprakes Engelisch, Dütisch, Nederlandisch, >Danisch, Swedisch, Nedersaksisch (Nederdütisch), Frisisch on Nünorisch >(Landmål). > De principe is liik as in Interlingua, doch Middelsprake ha okso ennoch > "krüsworde", meest fordat Skandinavisch on West- Germanisch forskillede > mennig up dat punkte. > > In fal du wil wete meer over Middelsprake, du kan ga to > > on okso to > > > Wat ig wilde wete gerne, is: > *kan du lese dis? > *in fal du kom fran en land mid en Germanisch sprake, helpe dat di > to forsta Middelsprake? > *forsta du al uter problem, kan du forsta de halfte, oller alene en > lüttel af dis? > > Ig hope dat dis mail kom up de list, fordat ig hadde enig problems >mid miin pasword... > > Mid hertlig gröte af > Ingmar Roerdinkholder > Arnhem, Nederland


Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>