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Re: Scripts

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Saturday, February 23, 2002, 1:42
> How many of you have scripts?
I do.
> How many of you use diacriticals as vowels in your scripts?
I do. I also have a related alphabet script. I've made two TrueType fonts to represent them. Here are some demo pictures. Cirnaja Bookhand: Cirnaja Calligraphy:
> How many of you have null letters (letters that don't represent a sound) > to deal with the problem of diphthongs / multiple vowels per consonant?
I have a "void consonant" for syllables that begin with a vowel, e.g. in cea /"se:.a/ "hand", kae /ka:/ "air" (the e is a silent syllable here...), cenia /s@."ni:.a/ "loneliness". Diphtongs, however, are realised with glides that count as consonants in terms of phonology: tjaw /tjaw/ "hunt", ow /ow/ "yes", majre /"maj.r@/ "tune, melody", cenje /"cEn.j@/ "alone".
> I omit the null consonant in > transliteration but leave the /h/ to make it clearer. Otherwise, it could > be /aui/ or /hahuhi/.
Well, naturally evolved writing systems often lose their bijectivity. Just think of English... ;-) -- Christian Thalmann


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