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From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Thursday, February 21, 2002, 2:11
Just wanted to ask a few questions—

How many of you have scripts?

How many of you use diacriticals as vowels in your scripts?

How many of you have null letters (letters that don't represent a sound)
to deal with the problem of diphthongs / multiple vowels per consonant?

I'm asking because I just took the script for Sturnan out of the bottom
of a pile of schoolwork and started transliterating some stuff into it. I
had to insert a null consonant for this very reason and decided to make
it stand for /h/ as well, making it a bit hard to distinguish.
Eventually, perhaps in a century or three, the Ifenians will get angry
enough to separate it into two consonants. I omit the null consonant in
transliteration but leave the /h/ to make it clearer. Otherwise, it could
be /aui/ or /hahuhi/.

Perhaps the ancient Sturnan didn't have /h/ at all and inserted it
recently. That's much more likely than a lot of /h/'s disappearing

Hoping to flesh out his languages considerably, work on an unrelated
newsletter a lot, make a website, manage two PBeM's (fortunately, both
are small; unfortunately, I'm the only one in the first), keep up with
schoolwork, and keep up with the conlang list,
Chris Wright


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