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Re: Elephants and hamsters

From:Joshua Shinavier <ajshinav@...>
Date:Friday, May 28, 1999, 12:20
> Even worse here, since W. is spoken on another planet. :-) There are > no Earth creatures there, so that, OTOH, like you, I can make up > more-or-less any kind of animal I want, but, OTOH, no opportunity to be > creative with Earth animals' names, just a simple adaptation of the > English, since English is the only Human language they have contact > with, such as kika'ta (cat), kima'u's (mouse), kisyu'gaglaida (la-?) > (sugar-glider), and so on.
So were the settlers of your planet Earth humans, or did they just invent their language to sound like English? (Sincere apologies if you've written a hundred posts about this and I haven't read them; up until recently I was mostly just deleting everything, as I was swamped with schoolwork) Josh