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þe getisbyrg adres:prnunciation changes

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 4, 2004, 1:38
In a message dated 8/3/04 12:06:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
fiziwig@YAHOO.COM writes:

<<  I remember my parents and
 grandparents including the glide, but not my
 generation (b.1945 US midwest).

 As a kid in the 1950's (US midwest) I had a friend who
 pronounced the 'h' in words like "when", "which" and
 "what".  Even that far back it seemed stilted and
 artificial to me.  Virtually everyone I personally
 know under the age of 60 pronounces those words "wen",
 "wich" and "wut". (US Pacific Northwest)  Not a trace
 of the 'h' is left. >>
 I usually avoid the endless discussions of pronunciation changes, but I
would report that I grew up in Ohio in the 1950s (with a father from Maine and
a mother from North Carolina) and I regularly pronounced both the glide and
h.  I believe I still do.
John Leland