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Re: TECH: Attachments (was Re: The Grammatical Sketch)

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 12, 1999, 6:53
Scriptuvasibat Don Blaheta:

>Quoth Padraic Brown:
>I'm actually kind of surprised here. What is the problem with using >attachments? If your emailer does attachments, then you can easily save
It _does_ attachments; but I do 99% of my reading and posting from home. I can't handle them from here, and don't really feel like schlepping all the way over to the campus just to mess around with getting the file. In my never be humble opinion, it seems just as easy (and a little more considerate) for the poster to send a plain message. There are times I'd like to able to send conlang material as a file (Kernu _does_ have accent marks, some of which are actually important; but also from here I can't handle accents); but the files would be WP7 for Windoz. Not all of us use Windoz, let alone WP7. So I figure it'd be best all around to forgo whatever advantages could be had sending attachments so that everyone can read my messages in the simplest way possible.
>it to a separate file; and if not, then you just see a MIME separator >like --------------D3A1A913C7FC02A0A1F5008B or something before the >"attached" file. I personally like using attachments to send text files >because it's (marginally) easier than reading it into the editor, and >because I thought that the gain to people with MIME-compliant mailers >far outweighed the loss (none at all that I knew of) to those who >didn't. > >So how exactly is including a text file as attachment worse than reading >it into a message and writing "------8<---CUT-HERE----8<-----" across >the top?
From here, I can read the attached text file (if it's plain text and all that); but I can't reply to it as far as I've been able to figure. Basically it's all a matter playing nice. I don't mean to yell and stomp about; but I _really_ don't like finding unexpected attachments that I can't deal with. Especially ones with tantalising intro matter like "Here's a sketch of my conlang..." :) Padraic.
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