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Re: CHAT: measures (was: browsers)

From:Joseph Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 11, 2003, 6:35
From: "Tristan" <kesuari@...>
Subject: Re: CHAT: measures (was: browsers)

> (I also just want to make sure: a bushels still used? And things like > horsepower? Links, rods and chains? I'm guessing quarters (2 stones) > aren't. And that's all the odd ones I haven't heard on the back of this > exercise book.)
First, why would they have units of measure listed in an exercise book? Anyway, here are the units that I would use, being an American, specifically from New York state (not the city). - length inches - anything from 1/16 inch up to 1 foot feet - from 1 foot up to 1/2 mile yards - measuring land distances from perhaps 10 yards to 1/2 mile miles - from 1/2 mile and up - liquid teaspoons, tablespoons, cups - amounts of liquid for cooking pints, quarts, gallons - standard units of liquid liters - absolutely only used for soda (that's carbonated sweet stuff like Coke), never used for anything else, often viewed as a ridiculous unit as it doesn't fit in with any of the other standard ones - weight grains & carats - only for gemstones, grains not being known by most outside the jewelry industry ounces & pounds - standard weight of objects tons - used for cars, tractors, and other big things (and that's 2000lb here, I understand they have some other size ton in England) - dry measure (volume) teaspoons, tablespoons, cups - same as liquid measure bushels & pecks - only for buying apples (measures of volume other than tsp, Tbsp, cups is done with cubic length units) Metric is generally viewed as a clumsy, foreign system, that has little relevance in everyday life. I'm quite well aware of how it works, and certainly don't find it clumsy, but it doesn't really offer any advantages for most people. The only hard conversion of units is between feet/yards and miles, and it's one I rarely need.