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TRANS: I learned Swedish in Uppsala. (was Re: Gray/Grey, conscripts, 'conlang', etc.)

From:Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 17:21
On 24 Jan 00, at 20:19, Barry Garcia wrote:

> writes: > > > >Matt Pearson <jmpearson@...> sez: > >> (I learned Swedish in Uppsala.) > > > >This is irrelevant, but that's the coolest sentence I've heard all day. > > > >In Kaðuhhan (borrowing 'Uppsala' directly, and 'Sweden') it'd be something > >like: > > > >ðuhan-caððy di-Suiddensy ruk-tan-terella-tasty upsalla-sa-hai. > >Language.acc gen.Sweden 1sg.perf.Learn.vb.past > >'Language of Sweden, I learned at Uppsala.' > > > Oooh......i think i'll try this :) > > Dereliman esan yu Swidis ka Upsala > I subj.marker Swedish in Uppsala > > In this example, i am talking about myself, which is why the actor focus > is used. If I want to "highlight" Swedish, I would use the object focus > (replace '-an' with '-in') > > or: > > Derelimak esan yu Upsala as Swidis. > learned.loc-focus I subj.marker Uppsala non-subj.marker Swedish > > In this example, Upsala takes the subject marker because i'm focusing on > where I learned Swedish (well I don't know a word of swedish, but...) > Literally it means "I learned in Uppsala, Swedish", but a loose > translation makes it mean pretty much the same as the above. I could have > placed "Swidis" before "Upsala", but traditionally, whatever takes the > subject marker is placed before whatever takes the non-subject marker. The > meaning would not change, however. > >
Ok, I'll bite: In very shaky and tentative Meynian: An mei cheidthoagnium iupsalawenáth oa buasiug speriegaeweicháth /An meI tSeItT@UNUm UpsAlAwenA:T @U b@sUg sper\Ig&weItSA:T/ ERG 1p learn.PAST.1p upsala.AT.PERM ABS language sweden.GEN.PERM Phones mainly x-sampa, except x-sampa { is shown as & for ease of reading ERG - Ergative Case Article PAST - Past perfect AT - Inessive Marker PERM - Permanent Attribute Marker ABS - Absolute Case Article GEN - (Normal) Genetive Marker