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Chatiga - McGuffey's Reader Lessons 1-6 + Exercise

From:Pascal A. Kramm <pkramm@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 28, 2004, 20:52
I've now translated the first six lessons into Chatiga :)
I've also put Exercises at the end - any takers?

Chatiga - McGuffey's First Reader
  Chatiga - Inas ta les af McGuffey
  /xatiga/ /inas ta les af m&kgafi/
(progress - one *ordinal* reading of McGuffey)

                               [page 7]

Lesson I.

[Illustration of dog running]

The dog.

The dog ran.
  Chunz wa leuf.
  /xunts va lOif/
(dog *past* run)

                               [page 8]

Lesson II.

[Illustration of cat on a small carpet]

The cat.   The mat.
  Kaz.       Mazwo.
  /kats/     /matsvo/

Is the cat on the mat?
  Kaz nu mazwo lacha ka?
  /kats nu matsvo laxa ka/
(cat *present* mat position *question*)

The cat is on the mat.
  Kaz nu mazwo lacha.
  /kats nu matsvo laxa/
(cat *present* mat position)

                               [page 9]

Lesson III.

[Illustration of a man with books and
papers. He is writing with a pen.]

The man.   A pen.
  Manna.    Shtiwwa.
  /manna/    /Stivva/

The man has a pen.
  Manna nu shtiwwa besetc.
  /manna nu Stivva besetC/
(man *present* pen possession)

Is the pen in his hand?
  Stiwwa nu hent af iz lacha ka?
  /Stivva nu hent af its laxa ka/
(pen *present* hand of he position *question*)

It is in his hand.
  Stiwwa nu hent af iz lacha.
  /Stivva nu hent af its laxa/
(pen *present* hand of he position)

                              [page 10]

Lesson IV.

[Illustration of hen on a box with rat below]

A fat hen.           A big rat.
  Ci-channa trchuk.    Ratc meiz siza.
  /Ci-xanna tRxuk/     /RatC maits sitsa/
(she-hen fat)        (rat much size)

The fat hen is on the box.
  Ci-channa trchuk nu kiz-up lacha.
  /Ci-xanna tRxuk nu kits-up laxa/
(she-hen fat *present* box-top position)

The rat ran from the box.
  Ratc nu kiz-oric leuf.
  /RatC nu kits-oriC lOif/
(rat *present* box-origin run)

Can the hen run?
  Ci-channa nu kunna a leuf ka?
  /Ci-xanna nu kunna a leuf ka/
(she-hen *present* ability to run *question*)

                              [page 11]

Lesson V.

[Illustration of a dog with a hat in his
mouth, running from a girl]

See Rab!                  See Ann!
  Rab num sefni!            Ann num sefni!
  /Rab num sefni/           /ann num sefni/
(Rab *imperative* look)   (ann *iperative* look)

See! Rab has the hat.
  Num sefni! Rab nu chat besetc.
  /num sefni/ /Rab nu xat besetC/
(*imperative* look! Rab *present* hat possession)

Can Ann catch Rab?
  Ann nu Rab kunna a fenc ka?
  /ann nu Rab kunna a fenC ka/
(Ann *present* Rab ability to catch *question*)

                              [page 12]

Lesson VI.

[Illustration of girl and dog sitting together]

Ann can catch Rab.
  Ann nu Rab kunna a fenc.
  /ann nu Rab kunna a fenC/
(Ann *present* Rab ability to catch)

See! She has the hat.
  Num sefni! Ci nu chat besetc.
  /num sefni/ /Ci nu xat besetC/
(*imperative* look! she *present* hat possession)

Now Ann can pat Rab.
  Je Ann nu Rab kunna a pcet.
  /je ann nu Rab kunna a pCet/
(now Ann *present* Rab ability to pat)

Let me pat Rab too.
  Jem auk nu Rab derf a pcet.
  /jem aUk nu Rab derf a pCet/
(I also *present* Rab permission to pat)


Exercise 1
Please translate the following:

See the dog! The dog is fat.

The fat dog has a pen.

See the man! The man is big.

Can the big man catch the fat dog?

The big man can catch the fat dog.

The big man has the pen. It is in his hand.


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