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Re: Chatiga - McGuffey's Reader Lessons 1-6 + Exercise

From:Pascal A. Kramm <pkramm@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 29, 2004, 15:55
Arthaey Angosii wa fritc:
(Arthaey Angosii *past* script)

>Emaelivpeith Pascal A. Kramm: >> I've now translated the first six lessons into Chatiga :) >> I've also put Exercises at the end - any takers? > >Oo, I'll take! :) Is Chatiga Germanic? Looks SOV..?
Its vocabulary is derived from Proto-German... but since there are no verbs, you can't really classify it into any of these SOV etc. schemes. See my previous post, where I wrote that you can change the word order as you please if you use particles as neccessary.
>You have nicely designed, clean webpages, Pascal. :)
Everything designed by hand using a text editor (NoteTab Light), none of these fancy-shmancy tools :D
>FYI, though, >there's a syntax error on >that makes everything after the "News" undisplayed. Here's the >offending HTML: > ><b>28 Dec 2004:</b> <a href="reader.html>McGuffey's First Reader</a> > >You're missing the closing quotation mark in the link.
Fixed that now. Thatnks for pointing it out.
> A more general >design comment, too: there's no way to tell, aside from the URL >itself, whether I'm in the Chatiga, Ichwara Prana, Skalansk, or Adv. >English section of your site.
I should probably add a frame for that or something...
>Without further ado, my attempts at simple Chatiga: > >> Exercise 1 >> Please translate the following: >> >> See the dog! The dog is fat. > >Num chunz sefni! Chunz trchuk.
Strictly speaking, "Chunz trchuk" would be only "The fat dog". To emulate the "is", you would simply throw in a temporal particle - here "nu" for present.
>> The fat dog has a pen. > >Chunz trchuk nu shtiwwa besetc.
>> See the man! The man is big. > >Num manna sefni! Manna meiz siza.
Same as further above - add the temporal particle.
>> Can the big man catch the fat dog? > >Manna meiz siza nu chunz kunna a fenc ka?
Ok, except you only translated "dog", not "fat dog".
>> The big man can catch the fat dog. > >Manna meiz siza nu chunz kunna a fenc.
Same here.
>> The big man has the pen. It is in his hand. > >Manna meiz siza nu shtiwwa besetc. Shtiwwa nu hent af iz lacha.
><shameless plug>I now have this version of McGuffey's first reader >available as interlinears, at >, >if you care to try translating the same sentences above into >Asha'ille.</plug> :)
I'll have a look :) -- Pascal A. Kramm, author of: Chatiga: Choton: Ichwara Prana: Skälansk: Advanced English: