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Re: Now that I have it . . .

From:Damon M. Lord <lorddm@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 4, 2001, 19:29
On 4 Dec 2001, at 9:06, Heather Rice wrote:

> Hello all,
And hi to you too :)
> I have been working (slowly) on my conlang for some > time now and I think I have the basics down. But now > I have this dilema that I thought I would ask all you. > Now that I have it, HOW DO I LEARN IT??? I have been > doing some translation, which expands my vocabulary > remarkably, but I don't like to translate from English > (or any other language for that matter) to my conlang, > because inevitably my conlang gets the flavor of the > original language. So, I have been just writting > simple things in it, but this is rather slow. > > Now, all conlangers, O Enlinguened Ones and > Idiomschemers, what do you suggest?
I find that translation and writing simple sentences, when working with a language which will have few speakers, may help. Ultimately, you're going to capture a bit of the flavour of the original language in the translation.I practiced a little by translating a few phrases for my conlang's webpage. This increases vocab, and if done frequently enough, familiarity with the grammar, but I'm a lazy-so- and-so, so I know how to use my language, but I'm always having to check the tables, etc. Practice, as with any language, is the key I find. Any one else got any bright ideas, cos I doubt if mine are much help :( - igh wær go, hwær dy Scyp na dear go. - Damon M. Lord Estydent Yæi_au


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