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Re: Now that I have it . . .

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 4, 2001, 22:45
From: "Damon M. Lord" <LordDM@...>
>> Now that I have it, HOW DO I LEARN IT??? I have been >> doing some translation, which expands my vocabulary >> remarkably, but I don't like to translate from English >> (or any other language for that matter) to my conlang, >> because inevitably my conlang gets the flavor of the >> original language. So, I have been just writting >> simple things in it, but this is rather slow. >> >> Now, all conlangers, O Enlinguened Ones and >> Idiomschemers, what do you suggest? > >I find that translation and writing simple sentences, when working >with a language which will have few speakers, may help. Ultimately, >you're going to capture a bit of the flavour of the original language >in the translation.
One way to counter this is to translate things from several different languages (incentive to learn!), or (if an Earthlang) from languages that would be likely to have some influence on your language anyway (i.e., if Middle English was your conlang you might translate from French). *Muke!


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