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Marked and Unmarked (OT now...)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Monday, April 9, 2001, 15:06

> Ah, that's right. "Fuer" looks so odd to my eye, but I guess that's > unfamiliarity.
I also prefer `f"ur'. Because with diphthongs, it really looks strange: `Baeume'... :-O
> > `Annyeong ha saeyo' and `Kamsahapnida' are the only things I know in > > Korean. :-) There was something about being vegetarian. Maybe > > `Chaeshikchuwi imnida'? :-/ > > Hey, that's pretty good.
You didn't hear it... :-)
> *Vegetarian*? <racking brains> "Imnida" is > (one form of) the copula, all right, but I confess I've never heard the > term for vegetarian. They don't seem to exist in South Korea unless > they're all on Base.
I know. I was there. :-/ Although I (thought I) made myself perfectly clear, I had to eat meat on the first two days of my stay, until I had a helping Korean chap at my side who could make it *really* clear. :-) I was really surprised: even the `Kimchi chiggae' (dunno the writing) was with pork! You wouldn't believe it: it is easier to eat vegetarian food in Taiwan.
> Daedanhi kamsahapnida! > (The "p" becomes "m" before the "n" if it matters)
I know, but I wanted to write it correctly. :-) But what does `Daedanhi' mean? Guessing: Much?? **Henrik


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