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Re: punctuated abbreviations // was english spelling reform

From:Kendra <kendra@...>
Date:Saturday, October 19, 2002, 20:03
Padraic said:
>> > if I'm in a mood, I'll use "M" and "Mme".
>> I don't like calling people "madame" or "ma'am."
>I should have added that I use "M" and "Mme" only in >writing. "Madame" is rather much to be used in speech.
>"Ma'am" (what a weird spelling!) I am more likely to >use in speech. Thereagain, especially if I'm in a mood >and the recipient is some uppity teenager that needs >dressing down.
Really? How would you spell it? Or would you use "madam" instead? I don't think I've ever heard a california say madam unless they're making fun. I think most people around here don't like being called ma'am.
>> Nobody would >> recognize Mme. or Mlle. if I used it here. Where do >> you live? Canada or >> something? I almost just wrote Canada...
>You did in fact just write "Canada" - good on you! >It's better than "Canadia" or "you know, like, that >big state up north".
Haha!! I love it when I mean to point out a mistake, and end up correcting it. I meant to write "I almost just wrote Kanada."
>> I'd prefer to use M. for everything, but that's >> 'improper,' though better. >> ;)
>I at least would interpret that as "monsieur".
As an American who never hears French, I would say that M. would probaby be interpreted as Mr. or Ms. depending on the name after it... but it would look odd to most people. I personally just dislike words that divulge the person's gender for no reason at all. :p
>> How about goofy, self-important titles? I like goofy >> titles. I like giving >> princes silly names like "The first and honorable >> so-and-so." :)
>Speaking of Canadia, I noticed that, in English, the >PM is "The Right Honorable Whatsisface", but in French >it's just "Whatsisface"; or at most "M. Whatsisface". > >I never really looked into titles too seriously, >though they must exist in The World. > >Christian Patriarchs have titles like "His Holiness >Mar Thomas Catholicos of the Church in Ctesiphon". > >The old kings of Hoopelle had conventional "by Grace >of God King" for their title. The corulers of >Auntimony are styled: "His Imperiaull Majeste >Handfaste of the Blooded Blade, Emperor of All þe >Avantimanni, and his Cunning and Wondrous Yesseraë >Wilunno, an Quayne of the Lauande of Morotunkaë in þe >Wylde Continente of Alaria, His Imperiaulle Majeste >hys Wyfe".
That's a fantastic title. :)
>In the ancient kingdom of Hoopelle, or "Hanohehano >Onohelana Nibuk", the rulers all had the same name and >title: "Nibuk Andeyzar _x_ _y_ ammanaymoru", where x = >regnal number and y = dynasty number. It's uncertain >whether Andeyzar is a name or a title, though; Nibuk >is the name of the national God; ammanaymoru means >dynasty, or literally, inhabitant of the house.
>> I accidentally sent the mail twice... I was in the >> middle of revising, and I >> had to reboot, so I hit save. Apparently that means >> 'send' these days. I >> meant to just send one message to cover both topics, >> but I ended up sending >> the same message twice....durr. Anyway, here's the >> sample, if you've already >> deleted the duplicate e-mail. >> >>
>Wow. That's more ligation that I am in the habit of >doing!
I started printing in all caps in 7th or 8th grade becuase my teachers complained that they couldn't read my cursive (it's better now,) but that was just too slow. I don't like 'normal' printing because it tends to be too balloony or just evolve into cursive half through the sentence anyway. Of course, now everyone complains that my printing is so mashed together that it's hard to read.. I wrote "ninjas" on one of Jeff's papers once and he said, "Nintas?" (You can see it on the bottom of that image I think.) Agh, I was supposed to take a shower and go to the language lab and now I've been distracted. /halfheareted fist shake ;) -Kendra -- Vade Mecum (comic) ----- Original Message ----- From: "Padraic Brown" <elemtilas@...> To: <CONLANG@...> Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2002 12:03 PM Subject: Re: punctuated abbreviations // was english spelling reform --- Kendra <kendra@...> wrote:
> -Kendra
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